Koverse Connections for Sales

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Data is driving sales

Data is driving sales

Bust your data silos

Bust your data silos

Surface details quickly

Surface details quickly

Target new business intelligently

Target new business intelligently


Search across all your data

Search, filter, and view all your data in one place. Our state-of-the-art technology groups your proprietary data and external data around topics—accounts, people, products, partners, or whatever is important to your team.

Many vendors say that they can handle all your data. However, as your data grows, you may be required to choose a subset of your first-party data in order to avoid poor performance and high fees. Data privacy adds another layer of complexity that can slow down systems not designed to handle access control at the data level.

Koverse Connections is powered by the Koverse platform, the big data system designed for scale, performance, and security. The platform can ingest and index every record in its raw form without the need for time-consuming data cleansing. Additionally, the platform supports access at multiple levels (source, field, value). Using this advanced technology, Koverse Connections makes your data searchable while supporting privacy regulations.

  • salesSales systems

    Search across all your CRM data. One place to find your targets, regardless if they are classified as leads or contacts in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

  • marketingMarketing systems

    Bring together your data from Marketo or Hubspot. The more the merrier—no need to archive.

  • financeFinance systems

    Transactional data can be incredibly helpful in upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • supportSupport systems

    Customers expect a seamless experience from all representatives of your organization, whether customer success or sales. Ensure you are not caught of guard trying to upsell an account with multiple open support tickets. Koverse Connections can unify data from any support systems like ZenDesk or Remedy.

  • biBusiness Intelligence and IT

    Your data may be stored on Amazon S3, Hadoop, MySQL, or SQL Server. Unify it with other systems for next-level sales targeting.

  • communicationsEmail

    Whether you are using Outlook or Gmail, it is likely there is valuable information about your customers and prospects in your email. Koverse Connections supports searches across all your communications, unifying them with other system data about your opportunities.

  • chatChat

    In this age of texting, business conversations are increasingly short and snappy interactions supported by Live Chat externally or Slack internally. Koverse Connections supports searches across all your chat threads to give context to discussions.

  • phonePhone transcripts

    Sales calls are a rich source of information that can offer early signals on the health of your business or opportunity. Transcript data can be incorporated into your churn or upsell models in Koverse Connections.

  • documentsDocuments

    Bring together your PDFs, Word, Excel, or CSV files into one place where it can be united with other system data.

  • webmetricsWeb metrics

    Whether you are using Google Analytics or Omniture SiteCatalyst, those analytics can be unified with other system data in Koverse Connections.

  • externalExternal data enrichment

    Data enrichment provides greater context around your target buyers, which can improve your prioritization and outreach efforts. Third party data about companies might include annual reports or social media. For people, it might involve refreshing contact information or current company.

Personalize 360 views

Personalize 360 views

Score opportunities with AI models

Find high-value opportunities using the power of AI with user-friendly models that can be set up and run in minutes.

Lookalike Models

Scoring Models

Weighted Models

Advanced ML Models

Use machine learning to find more opportunities. Select your best customers and then use AI-powered lookalike modeling to identify opportunities that have similar characteristics. Or find potential upsell opportunities by matching to past cross-sell successes.

Specify any criteria to score what is most important in your target personas. Assign as many values in as many fields as you want to score. When Koverse Connections finds those values in those fields, it will assign those scores and calculate the total results for all customers.

Specify any criteria to score and weight what is most important in your model. You can combine scores from different models and weight them each on importance.

Maybe you have your own unique modeling technique that works. Your data science team or our professional services experts can create your machine model and add it to your Koverse Connections. Or combine and compare as many model types as you want until you lock in the most successful results that drive the most business.

Lookalike Models
Scoring Models
Weighted Models
Advanced ML Models

Why Koverse Connections?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our product was developed on behalf of our first beta customers who are leaders in financial services, high tech, and phrama. Our users are sales professionals in enterprise sales, operations, and sales enablement.
  • Koverse Connections for Sales is the only tool capable of quickly organizing and analyzing all your data—from structured CRM and ERP data to unstructured data like email, Slack, chat, audio transcripts, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and anything else related to your sales intelligence needs. For a full list, you can see our supported document formats here.
  • Anyone can create targeting models based on criteria you select from your data. You do not need to be a data scientist. You can publish your models and your team will be able to see the criteria used.
  • Primarily targeting models will help prioritize your accounts. Each can be customized based on the data available. Feel free to download our Scoring Models for Enterprise Sales eBook that shares examples of different use cases.
  • Yes! We recommend building models for multiple use cases and iterating to incorporate new data.
  • We have a two-week onboarding process that covers requirements, configuration, and training.
  • We offer pricing based on number of users and a one-time fee for professional onboarding. Request detailed pricing here.

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