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Koverse and Apache Accumulo

Koverse enables organizations to leverage their unique domain expertise and data to build scalable, secure and high-performing data-driven solutions. Koverse brings together scalable data storage, cell-level security, indexing and analytical data processing so developers and data scientists can build any solution to serve answers to thousands of end users. Koverse is built on a foundation

White Papers

How Koverse Makes Analytics Production Ready

Koverse is an intelligent solutions platform for digital business. Developers and data scientists can fairly easily prototype simple to complex analytics, including those involving machine learning and AI, on their own machines using powerful, popular, and open analytical frameworks like Apache Spark. But getting analytics into production remains a challenge for most organizations. This is


Koverse: Universal Index for Data in S3

Search your data: across fields, records, data types and dimensions, all at internet-scale, through a single user interface and API. In this blog post, we describe how the Koverse Universal Index can be used to make S3 data searchable. Enterprises and organizations are collecting and storing more and more data.  Huge value and actionable information


An Organized and Indexed Data Lake

The data lake is a relatively new system design pattern.  By being able to serve as a cost effective and efficient landing zone and bulk processing engine for any and all kinds of data, data lakes should have a significant impact in the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations being able to leverage data.  This impact,


New Book Release: Apache Accumulo Application Development; Led by Koverse CTO Aaron Cordova

Koverse is pleased to announce that our CTO, Aaron Cordova, and his colleagues, have recently published a comprehensive book which delves into Apache Accumulo – the high-performance key/value store originally created for the NSA, a project lead by Cordova.  An O’Reilly original, “Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices” is now available in print and

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