Scoring Models for Enterprise Sales

The Sellers Guide to Using Data for Maximum Success

Data is Driving Sales

Enterprise sales organizations often struggle to identify their best prospects, and because their sales processes are complex and customer data is spread across multiple sources. Any misdirected effort carries a high opportunity cost. But high-performing enterprise sales teams are solving this challenge in a new way by leveraging data intelligence.

Scoring for Maximum Success

These leaders are empowering enterprise sales teams to develop scoring models that provide far richer and more nuanced insights than the marketing-led scoring models used by high-volume sales organizations.

By incorporating internal and external data sources and using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), this approach allows sales groups to bring data to the “sellers’ instinct,” amplifying their effectiveness throughout a longer sales cycle. These models more effectively pinpoint targets who are truly ready to engage and enable sellers to improve the win-loss ratio.

This report will cover:

  • 8 Reasons Enterprise Sales Teams Should Use Scoring
  • Account-Based Scoring for Enterprise Sales
  • Best Practices: Sales Scoring for Maximum Success
Scoring Models for Enterprise Sales

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