With Koverse, you can leverage your organization’s unique domain expertise and data to build scalable, secure and high-performing data-driven solutions.


Multi-Level Secure Data Platform

Organizations achieve ubiquitous access to their data across the enterprise in a pre-packaged, ready-to-deploy platform that runs on well-known, and usually pre-existing IT infrastructure.


Precision Search Engine

An organization’s “digital brain” — Koverse sets data free by keeping it safe and maintaining one version of truth across your organization.


Customer Profiles

Customer profiles give you an understanding of your customers well beyond a CRM or any other single system can.


Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables up-to-the-second analytic and search access to live and historic data.


Entity Profiles

Create entity profiling solutions that give a complete and unified profile of every entity and relationships between entities based on any available datasets.

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