Civilian Agencies

Empowering federal civilian agencies to use data to gain understanding and drive mission-impacting decisions and actions.

Data is the future of civilian agency operations

The most valuable agency asset is sensitive and complex data, but data security and privacy challenges can impede the mission and performance goals of federal civilian agencies.

Koverse provides Zero Trust for data by enforcing attribute-based access controls (ABAC), allowing customers to safely work with their complex and sensitive data to power the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases. This enables customers to use all of their data to adapt to an ever-changing environment with agility and speed to optimize decision making and mission delivery.

Insight-enabling examples:

  • Ingest sensitive data from a wide variety of sources on a massive scale, including streaming data
  • Enable document discovery and analysis in seconds based on the user’s individual attributes, clearance level, and permissions
  • Create global transparency of the entire supplier network to optimize vetting, risk management, and cost control

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