Landmark Moment in Data Security Management

Koverse introduces KDP 4.0, the industry’s only Zero Trust data platform

Managing complex and sensitive data has never been easy, but in an era of increasing workplace connectivity and expanding cybersecurity threats, data management tools and methods are firmly under the microscope.

Commercial and government organizations are eager to improve operational agility and performance through digital transformation, including connecting systems to facilitate information sharing and optimize data utilization. But it involves freeing historically siloed, sheltered data, and using it to derive actionable business intelligence and promote mission learning.

Meanwhile, external and internal cybersecurity threats are growing both in number and intensity, from lone wolves and cybercriminals to sophisticated nation-state actors, heightening the pressure on maintaining data security and privacy.

Until now, there was no easy way to reconcile these contradictory challenges. Koverse Data Platform (KDP) 4.0, built by the architects behind the software that protects the NSA’s data, is an industry-first “Zero Trust” data platform that easily and safely makes complex and sensitive data accessible for the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI.

Security-First Approach

Conventional data management platforms typically grant implicit trust to users who successfully sign on. But this assumes the individual is authorized and any data they connect to once they login is also authorized. The reality is that even the most credible and devoted employee can be impersonated, have their credentials stolen, or inadvertently encounter data that should be off-limits to them.

KDP 4.0 takes a transformational, security-first approach. It assumes everyone, and every transaction, is a potential threat. It evaluates every single connection to the data—not just the first time a network is accessed, a device is connected, or a user signs in.

And it accomplishes this in a single platform for all data from any source, including structured and unstructured, batch and continuously streaming, and mixed-sensitivity data—and for government customers, classified and unclassified data.

How Zero Trust Works

To enforce Zero Trust for data management, KDP 4.0 introduces attribute-based access controls (ABAC) that provide fine-grained authorization checks for every data access request, even within the platform’s various micro-services. With this technology, thousands of individual authorization decisions happen every second, based on each user and each piece of data.

Specifically, KDP 4.0 takes the unique properties of each individual data element along with the attributes of each user into account to make an unlimited number of unique, complex authorization decisions in real-time.

As a result, every team member sees only the data they need. Even system administrators will not know of the existence of a dataset or record unless they are specifically granted access, further guarding against potential internal bad actors.

The introduction of out-of-the-box ABAC for projects of any size in minutes builds on the strengths already demonstrated in earlier KDP deployments. With this addition, any security-conscious industry or government organization can benefit from Zero Trust for data, and particularly those with data of mixed sensitivities, because the most valuable data is often the most sensitive data.

Applying this incredibly flexible, unified security model across all data, at both the dataset and record level, ensures safe access to complex and sensitive data and thus increases the value and utilization of all data within the organization—even unstructured data.

Intelligent By Design

In addition to its advanced security capabilities, our platform provides an innovative framework for intelligence generation and amplification. Gone is the need for data preparation and engineering tasks that slow down AI and machine learning (ML) projects, such as ETL and data characterization. With KDP 4.0, any data can be rapidly ingested, indexed, labeled, stored, and secured—a capability that no other solution delivers—to quickly power exceptionally demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases.

Data is ingested in its original form for superior data fidelity, and physically co-located yet logically separated to simplify data management. Through “late binding” of data, it enables the flexibility to apply context at the time of use to improve responsiveness.

Users can rapidly build and evolve use cases, accelerating the operational use of AI and ML and increasing their quick-reaction capabilities. Additionally, KDP scales with no slowdown in performance no matter how many datasets or attribute labels are needed.

Furthermore, KDP 4.0’s open architecture keeps customers in control of their data while avoiding vendor lock. Users can plug in their authentication system and define security attributes themselves or use industry-specific security attributes. Integration with popular AI/ML libraries, data science notebooks, and BI tools is also supported. Whether deployed as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or self-managed, KDP reduces the time to production and the costs of intelligence development and data management.

The launch of KDP 4.0 with its industry leading Zero Trust for data marks an exciting milestone for Koverse. We are proud to offer this solution to security-conscious organizations struggling to manage rigorous cybersecurity challenges while enabling critical connectivity and mission agility.

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