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Koverse is your easy button

Koverse is your easy button

Accumulo, hassle-free

Koverse enables your team to easily work with Accumulo. When you need security, performance and scalability, there’s no technology more credible than Accumulo. And if you’re going to use Accumulo, Koverse is by far the fastest and lowest-risk approach.

Koverse is built on the Accumulo data store and makes all of Accumulo’s functionality easily accessible. Whether you’ve relied on Accumulo in the past or are just starting out, Koverse is your easy button for using Accumulo.

Proven technology

Our solutions platform leverages some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Koverse enables global industry leaders to build scalable, secure and high-performing solutions.

No one is better at doing what we do. Our team’s unique experience and expertise enables us to tackle the most challenging problems. Our founders were among the first modern data scientists at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), building the data infrastructure to handle the most complex challenges with unprecedented scale, security and performance. Our founders also created Apache Accumulo, the scalable and secure key-value store at the heart of the Koverse platform. Accumulo is widely-used in the most demanding environments.

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