Real-time Monitoring

Achieve global situational awareness.

Real-time decision support

Real-time monitoring enables up-to-the-second analytic and search access to live and historic data. Koverse can ingest, in real time, disparate data streams, from IoT platforms, cyber platforms, sensor networks, log data, transaction data, event data or anything else. Customized analytics can be applied to historic and streaming data in real time to detect and flag complex patterns, anomalous activity and predict future events.

Ingest any kind of data in real time

Unlike any other platform, Koverse can ingest disparate data streams and datasets, making them all searchable in real time. Data streams can be ingested and indexed in their raw form without ETL and if the format of the data stream changes over time, Koverse will automatically and instantly adapt. As data streams change and improve, visualizations and dashboards built on Koverse can instantly and automatically leverage new data.

Integrate AI and ML analytics to extract signal from noise

Koverse makes it easy to dependably and flexibly integrate AI and ML into real-time data streams and historical data. Processes such as anomaly detection, pattern recognition and predictive analytics can be tailored to meet specific mission requirements. You can use out-of-the-box analytic code, develop your own or use third-party analytics, all of which are executed within Koverse to ensure performance, lineage and data security.

Precise search on disparate real-time and historical data

Koverse provides a unified method for searching and delivering real-time and historical data from all data sources. Applications can receive a snapshot or a stream of most recent activity, and support exploration back through years of past data, all with interactive performance. This dramatically simplifies real-time monitoring user interfaces as they can now tap into any dataset over any time via a single interface.

Cell-level security access controls

The Koverse cell-level security model provides high security and high performance in the same system. Koverse presents a complete suite of security controls: row-, column- and dataset-level visibility and dataset-level role-based permissions. These access controls are applied consistently to data across the entire platform with no impact on performance.

Cell-level access controls enable easy compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, NIST 800 and government security standards — without an impact on performance — and results in users only getting access to data they are authorized to see.

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