Precision Search Engine

Precision search combined with cell-level security unlocks enterprise data.

An organization’s “digital brain”

Koverse sets data free by keeping it safe and maintaining one version of truth across your organization.

Using Koverse as a precision search engine transforms organizations with information overload into data-driven organizations by giving everyone a one-stop-shop, centralized data store to search for and discover exactly the data they need. Data that was previously scattered across the organization can now be interrogated, at the deepest level, in seconds.

Koverse accomplishes this with a unique combination of fine-grained security and state-of-the-art indexing.

One-stop-shop for data

Unlike any other platform, Koverse allows you to co-locate disparate datasets including documents, presentations, spreadsheets, emails, machine data, log data, corporate chat, corporate records, proprietary internal data or anything else. Koverse makes all these data types searchable from a single location.

Koverse’s Universal Indexing Engine automatically loads and indexes the full content of every field of every record of every dataset. Data can be ingested from any source, both structured and unstructured — all with no data transformation or preparation required — because Koverse indexes everything, automatically. The result is that users can now come to one place and do one search to find precisely all the data they need.

Cell-level security access controls

The Koverse cell-level security model provides high security and high performance in the same system. Koverse presents a complete suite of security controls: row-, column- and dataset-level (ABAC) visibility and dataset-level role-based permissions. These access controls are applied consistently to data across the entire platform with no impact on performance. Cell-level access controls enable easy compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, NIST 800 and government security standards — without an impact on performance — and results in users only getting access to data they are authorized to see.

High-Speed, Precision Search

Searches on Koverse take seconds and can run across all data in the system or be narrowed to a specific dataset and field. Koverse also supports a high number of concurrent searches.


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