Multi-Level Security

Accelerate your digital transformation by enabling sensitive data.

The multi-level secure data platform

Koverse gives organizations ubiquitous access to their sensitive data across the enterprise in a pre-packaged, ready-to-deploy platform that runs on well-known, and usually pre-existing IT infrastructure. Data scientists, analysts and application developers can easily work together on data of any sensitivity — quickly and securely — to finally deliver to the organization the key data capabilities it needs.

An organization’s “digital brain”

Traditionally organizations have had to build “stand-alone” or “stove-piped” systems for sensitive data, locking it away and limiting the data’s utility. Koverse sets data free by keeping it safe and maintaining one version of truth across an organization. Using Koverse transforms organizations with information overload into data-driven organizations by giving everyone a one-stop-shop, centralized data store, to search for and discover exactly the data they need, regardless of sensitivity. Data that was previously scattered across the organization can now be interrogated, at the deepest level, in seconds.

How Koverse works

The biggest risks of building a multi-level, secure data platform are the huge integration challenges associated with leveraging a range of complex infrastructure systems to generically address a range of use cases. Koverse has solved this problem in a mature and mission-proven platform, building on an open source core including Spark, Accumulo and Hadoop.

Cell-level security access controls

The Koverse cell-level security model provides high security and high performance in the same system. Koverse presents a complete suite of security controls: row-, column- and dataset-level (ABAC) visibility and dataset-level role-based permissions. These access controls are applied consistently to data across the entire platform with no impact on performance. Cell-level access controls enable easy compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800 and government security standards — without an impact on performance — and results in users only getting access to data they are authorized to see.

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