Entity Profiles

Create entity networks drawn from structured and unstructured data.

Create comprehensive entity profiles and networks drawn from disparate data

Koverse is ideally suited for creating entity profiling solutions that give a complete and unified profile of every entity — and relationships between entities — based on any available datasets.

Ingest any kind of entity data

From any structured and unstructured data, Koverse can distill, disambiguate and unify entity information and relationships into a single, entity-centric view to reveal big picture insights at an entity level. With entity profiles, you will never miss out again because you failed to connect the dots.

Koverse surfaces the most important information, tailored to your data and your organization

Koverse includes everything needed to turn data into actionable entity profiles. Deploy configurable AI algorithms to develop entity profiles and relationships from data while adhering to the most stringent security and privacy standards. Surface what matters through a user-friendly user interface.

Configurable scoring framework reveals opportunities

Entities and networks can be scored and ranked based on any and all features present in the data. These scores can be used to make recommendations, score leads, detect anomalies, identify subgroups or any other analytic task.

State-of-the-art technology

Developing entity profiles with Koverse brings entity analytic capabilities previously only available to the largest organizations. Whereas other solutions require a significant amount of manual work to distill relationships from data, Koverse automates the process, allowing entity networks to be set up and analyzed in a matter of hours instead of months.

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