Customer Profiles

Connect the dots with a “baseball card” profile of each customer.

Create comprehensive customer views drawn from disparate data

Customer profiles give you an understanding of your customers well beyond a CRM or any other single system can. This works by drawing from all available sources — both internal and external — and creating a single unified view of each customer.

Ingest any kind of customer data

Koverse draws from sales records, documents, CRM databases, social media, email, reference data or anything else, and can distill this data into a single, customer-centric view. With customer profiles, you will never miss out again because you failed to connect the dots.

Koverse surfaces the most important information, tailored to your data and your organization

Koverse includes everything needed to turn data into actionable baseball cards. Deploy configurable AI algorithms to develop customer profiles and relationships from data while adhering to the most stringent security and privacy standards. Surface what matters through a user-friendly user interface.

Configurable scoring framework reveals opportunities

Customers can be scored and ranked based on a multitude of configurable factors and algorithms. Scores can be used to make recommendations, score leads, reduce customer churn and other proactive customer interactions.

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