Book Release: Accumulo Application Development; Led by Aaron Cordova, Koverse CTO

Koverse is pleased to announce that our CTO, Aaron Cordova, and his colleagues, have recently published a comprehensive book which delves into Apache Accumulo – the high-performance key/value store originally created for the NSA, a project lead by Cordova.  An O’Reilly original, “Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices” is now available in print and ebook.

Designed to store massive amounts of data and support real time access and bulk analysis, Accumulo was built from the ground up for scalable applications.  For enterprises that have big data – historic, current, in differing formats – Accumulo can be used to handle that data with varying sensitivity levels.

This is the first, complete guide to using Accumulo, documenting public Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and examples of use.  Explaining the reason behind the design, this book goes start to finish with examples of how to build applications that support machine learning, secondary indexing, and common use cases.

These 550 pages are for developers looking to build scalable applications that need high performance and security guarantees.  For administrators trying to run large clusters and keep data healthy, the book has information on key features and best use applications so you can decide if it’s right for your organization.

Since starting the Accumulo project, Cordova has worked with the open-source community: “providing training as an instructor, organizing meetups, putting up resources on the web, giving talks, etc. Writing an O’Reilly book, which are often considered the authoritative books on subjects, seemed like a good way to continue contributing to the community”.  An expert in big data analysis and architecture, the Koverse CTO and cofounder specializes in helping organizations transform massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence.

Apache Accumulo began as an open source project at the NSA, led by Cordova.  As one of the fundamental, original team members, Billie Rinaldi co-authored this book along with Michael Wall, who has been working with Accumulo for several years and was the catalyst for this book’s creation.

Reviews for the full book have been positive – just read below.  Get your copy today!


Aaron, Billie, & Mike,

I just wanted to congratulate you three on the Accumulo book.  I have been reading it for the past few days and it is an outstanding reference and guide.  In my opinion, this book offers the same level of detail (and approachability) for Accumulo as Tom White’s book does for Hadoop.
For a technology that I (pretend to) know well, there have been quite a few nuggets that I’ve already learned (and/or now better understand) because of this book.  For the past 5 years, I have worked through many production-scale Accumulo administration, internals, and performance issues and you have captured the vast majority of them in this book.  Great job.

– Chris Davidson