Koverse Announces Strategic Investment from Credit Suisse Asset Management

As Data-driven Applications Go Mainstream, Koverse Moves to Fill Big Data Operational Gaps

Koverse, big data innovator, announced that Credit Suisse Asset Management has made a strategic investment in the company.  Koverse will use the funds to expand its team and product offerings to meet enterprise demand for data-driven results.

“Organizations that need data-driven results now, are underserved,” said Jon Matsuo, President and CEO of Koverse.  “Credit Suisse, first as a customer and now as an investor, has greatly accelerated Koverse’s development and impact in areas critical to enterprise operations.”

The Koverse team has implemented some of the most complex big data systems in the world and that expertise is built into its product.  Koverse provides a way for organizations to benefit from all the data collected and stored, in order to meet their time-sensitive needs and allow them to win the data-driven race.

Michael Rodgers, Vice President at Credit Suisse Asset Management and Koverse Board Member, said, “Koverse is well-positioned to help enterprises realize a return on their big data efforts by removing huge obstacles that have been limiting results.”

Production strength big data solutions require security, analytics, application development tools, governance structures and fine grain controls, all of which are built into a single, unmatched software solution, provided by Koverse.  This includes integrations with popular open-source components as well as working with all major Hadoop distributions.

“Customers have told us their big data projects are not about implementing technology, but about solving business problems.  So that is what Koverse has done, provided the fastest path to business results,” said Jon Matsuo.

Koverse solutions include threat detection, advanced customer analytics, real-time situational awareness, data silo consolidation, and fast-track analytical applications development.

About Koverse

The Fastest Path to Big Data Results

With Koverse, organizations can fundamentally change the economics of big data by eliminating the high-cost processes that are limiting results.  Koverse enables data consolidation, indexing, and search, all at astonishing speeds, with governance and security capabilities built-in.  It is time to stop the big data struggle and start experiencing the results that only Koverse provides. Koverse.com