Koverse support can help you solve your big data challenges.


Contact Koverse Support

For customers requesting official support, please email support@koverse.com or call 1-855-403-1399 ext. 2.

For all other requests please email info@koverse.com.



Official product documentation for the Koverse Platform is available on read the docs.

Koverse v2.3

You can also view documentation from a Koverse installation by clicking the “help” link in the upper right of any page. Click the “Table of Contents” link on the left to view the full list of documentation available. Be sure to view the developers documentation and developer training sections.


Extending Koverse with Add-ons

Koverse Addons extend the functionality of the platform and allow customization. Addons are created as Java JAR files that can be uploaded to a Koverse server via the System Administration app.

Deploying an add-on allows Koverse users to run your custom sources, transforms, sinks, and apps. See the Koverse Developers Documentation for more details about the structure of an add-on and the particulars of custom components.


Koverse is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each unique organization. Developers can extend the base functionality of the platform by writing code in Java and HTML/JS.

Quickstart SDK Project

See the Koverse SDK Project on GitHub for a working example of every customizable feature in Koverse.



Open Source Addons

Koverse maintains GitHub repository of open source addons. Use these as references and starting points for your own projects.



 Additional training 

Koverse offers open, free, online and paid onsite end user and developer training courses. Be sure to view the Help link in your Koverse installation for more training and documentation materials.