Integrate: Any data sets, regardless of structure, at astonishing speed

Anticipate: High-risk situations with automated analysis and operationalized applications

Mitigate: Impact by finding undetected data patterns and relationships

Today, the sheer size of databases and the speed of business operations means that more proactive monitoring of key risk indicators is required. Koverse can drastically reduce the time between a risk event occurring and being able to react appropriately, even detecting situations before they occur.

Integrate: Data sets at astonishing speed

The Koverse Demand-Driven platform provides the ability to quickly identify critical risk indicators across data silos,  shows you where to take action, and provides the data needed to mitigate the issue, before a costly incident occurs. By quickly merging data from virtually any source with any schema, threats can be detected in advance without re-engineering existing systems. Koverse has the unique ability to import data, in its raw form, from data warehouses, NoSQL data stores, and local files, without having to write any code.

Anticipate: High-risk solutions

Koverse seamlessly monitors data from virtually any source, regardless of age, complexity, or size. Usage patterns can then be displayed visually, potentially highlighting suspicious activity, while accumulating evidence of fraudulent intent, allowing a company to take action before any harm is done.

Koverse can be on the lookout for any number of specific indicators of dangerous behavior from within or without the organization. Monitoring too few key risk indicators could mean missing a threat. Watching multiple key risk indicators together is what will reveal serious issues. With Koverse, there is no need to restrict the number of indicators that are being watched as Koverse scales seamlessly in support of threat avoidance.

Mitigate: Impact through visibility

With Koverse, it is easy to have a full working view of your data landscape and uncover unknown trends, relationships, and threats. For example, Koverse helped a financial institution identify individuals whose behavior was putting the company at risk. To accomplish this, Koverse brought together more than a dozen data sources, applied built-in analytics (historical and predictive) to identify suspicious behavior. Before Koverse, these drastically different data sets were impossible to use together in a timely fashion. With Koverse you have entirely new insights and protection.



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