Combines: Real-time and historical data for complete and fast access

Establishes: The context for what are variations from steady-state

Replaces: Flying blind with extraordinary visibility and intelligence

Real-time situational awareness is a challenge to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. Koverse helps businesses integrate and analyze real time data so that they can catch problems as they happen, as well as predict when something is likely to go amiss. Koverse has already done the work of building and integrating what is needed to successfully deploy a real-time situational awareness solution.

Combine: Real-time and historical data

There’s a reason why so few applications can offer real-time analysis: it takes massive computational efforts and time to collect, merge, and then finally, compare and analyze disparate data. Many organizations believe that to achieve real-time awareness an entirely different architecture is required when, in fact, Koverse has developed a solution that will make your existing big data infrastructure investment perform in the high-speed manner that your organization requires.   Koverse can not only analyze data as it flows into the organization, but can also get you ahead of the curve with built-in, advanced, predictive analytics.

Establish: Context for steady-state

Streaming data architectures, traditional statistical analysis, and machine learning are all emerging as game changers for organizations. The challenge lies in bringing together the techniques and infrastructure in a way that is easy to monitor and manage. Koverse does exactly that. It enables data scientists to use the tools that they are familiar with to establish sophisticated baselines and models from historical data, and to integrate technologies frequently used in streaming analysis, providing a comprehensive solution that allows business to move at or beyond the velocity of data coming in.

By distinguishing the difference between an infrequent customer dissatisfaction survey and a potential product safety hazard, Koverse helps identify both similar and singular situations as they arise. Applications built on Koverse can simultaneously leverage sophisticated predictive models, real-time data streams, and sub-second query access on historical data, to bring together everything an analyst needs to make sound judgments at astonishing speed.

Replace: Flying blind internal and external

With Koverse, actions can be carried out with a clear view of the landscape and companies can protect themselves internally as well as externally.  For example, companies can prevent accidental data over-sharing with outside entities and unauthorized access to sensitive information.   For a global financial institution, Koverse enables them to manage 16,000 changing access levels with ease.


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