Eliminates: The rationing and downtime experienced with traditional analytic approaches

Speeds: Discovery with reusable analytics and algorithms, transforming data into insights

Enables: High-volume, low-cost processes that maximize impact and results

Big data projects today are custom implementations.  Considerable time is spent identifying the problem, predicting how best to analyze the data in order to solve it and then building an application to do the computing -only to learn the initial assumptions and proposed algorithms need reworking. This takes major resources: rarified big data infrastructure expertise, money, and a lot of time. This means organizations pick one challenge, pick one question, and pick one path, follow it through to the long end – and then start over.

Eliminates: Rationing

With the Koverse, your big data team has an out-of-the-box ready solution built to support fast exploration by providing a unified data space, reusable advanced analytics, pre-computation capabilities, and in-situ processing, so no one has to ration data, time, resources, or important solutions. It is easy to include additional datasets, ask further questions, and test new theories without having to re-engineer solutions each time. Instead of choosing which challenge to address, now the challenge is how to act on all the insights.

Speeds: Discovery

Koverse saves massive amounts of time and resources by quickly getting data into a usable and discoverable state, freeing up time to dig into the data to discover useful insightful. This ultrafast, deep-data vision means that you can explore virtually unlimited questions, pivot quickly, and find the highest impact results. Koverse is so fast and flexible that rapid, scalable prototypes are attainable. For example, a government agency has been able to operationalize and support 75 analytics applications simultaneously, only with Koverse.

Enables: High-impact results

With Koverse, your teams have a wider scope of insight. More data and more time enable further exploration, which can be a real game changer.

  • Data Scientists: Can focus on analysis between what the original data contains and the ultimate answer
  • Analysts: Can test hypotheses in private data collections and share verified results with production teams
  • Marketing: Can detect minute-by-minute changes in trends and make corrections in a timely manner
  • Business Leaders: Can factor data-driven insights into their decision-making



Getting Started

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