Acquire: Any and all data, in its present state, eliminating data preparation and ETL

Index: Every field, record and dataset automatically

Accepting: Searches within minutes of data ingest

“Data preparation has always been a big challenge for data professionals, with many organizations reporting that 75%-80% of their energies are devoted to up-front data engineering.”

Acquire: Any and all data, in existing state

Today, data resides in many formats, structured and unstructured, and in siloed systems that make access a time consuming and expensive proposition. Data consolidation is often a precursor project, required before any hope of pursuing data-driven answers is even possible.   Furthermore, data consolidation is often approached from a “top-down” perspective that requires unrealistic levels of coordination, time, and expense to achieve. To eliminate this long-standing limitation, Koverse engineered a unique “bottom-up” solution that is capable of integrating, at astonishing speed, any and all data in its present state.

Index: Every field, record, dataset automatically

Once the data is corralled, it needs to be transformed into usable – and relatable – forms. Typical data warehousing requires defining the transformations up front. This takes foresight, planning and often an entirely separate ETL system. As part of the Koverse data consolidation process, every record, field, and value is automatically indexed and profiled to enable sub-second query and immediate discovery.

Koverse allows both highly structured, semi-structured nested values, and unstructured text to live in the same scalable system so that not only can it be searched and evaluated, but any data consistency or quality issues can be addressed within the system. Koverse harnesses the power of distributed computation to perform full-dataset transformations, each of which are part of a repeatable, audited data flow so that organizations can adapt immediately to changes in the underlying data and quickly validate assumptions about how it should be normalized for analysis.

Reveal: Relationships in minutes with of data intake

Organizations are beginning to realize the value of consolidating data into one scalable system, and have begun calling this effort the “data lake.” Koverse creates a fully integrated data lake quickly, so discovery and interactive search are possible, from day one. “Apples and oranges” are no longer unrelated entities; they are now fruit, calories, ingredients – the potentials are endless.


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