Eliminating: The stovepipes separating data that prevents them from doing their jobs

Leveraging: Analytics that identify relevant products to offer, online and offline

Exceeding: Quotas and expectations by removing known entrenched barriers

A company needs to understand its customers and clients. “Satisfactory” is no longer an option as companies must work harder to differentiate themselves. And it’s not just about having the best product – customers now seek out“relationships” and interactions with companies, and those who are better at it have the advantage.

Eliminate: Stovepipes

A company has many different interactions with the same customer and that data is often kept in different systems, making it difficult to get a clear picture of where things stand and what response is most appropriate. While a wealth of information is a good problem to have, it can also be a lost opportunity.

Combining data has been a major undertaking. There are disparate types, in multiple locations, with differing labels. Few systems are in place that can handle the sheer amount of data, let alone its consolidation, alignment, ingest, and analysis. When real-time data and the need to be responsive is added to the mix, bottlenecks form. Too much time is spent on data management and not on answers. Late answers are useless.

Koverse solves all this by providing an analytics and data solution that can ingest streaming and static data easily, and be applied to specific customer-centric opportunities quickly, to give a clear and full view of situations as they arise, if not before.

Leverage: Analytics (history and predictive)

Without real-time analysis, there is no sure way of identifying business issues as they arise.   However with the tools to incorporate everything from product returns to call center data to customer ire on social media, a company is positioned not just to react, but to be proactive in nurturing customer relationships that build brand loyalty and greater returns. That is another area in which Koverse helps.

For businesses with multiple products, services, types and locations, this is especially important. With Koverse you can combine the customer’s history, their current activity, and predictive analysis so you are in the position to anticipate their needs and meet them where they are. This is what the Koverse Demand-Driven platform will do for you.

Exceed: Expectations

Selling and support teams are capable of doing so much more when they have the right systems supporting them. Only the Koverse Demand-Driven Platform ensures the data they need to do their jobs effectively is available when and where they need it.

For example, an online retailer wanted to know which customers had once been frequent buyers but had since stopped using their service. Koverse was able to provide a ranked list of customers matching this profile, pre-computed for each individual store, and made available for quick lookups via a simple web application.   Store employees could access these lists at any time for promotional purposes and associate this information at points-of-sale, during face-to-face interactions. That’s just one example of how Koverse can help you exceed expectations.



Getting Started

It is time to stop the struggle and experience the results that only the Demand-Driven Platform from Koverse enables. To learn more about the results that your organization can achieve with Koverse, please contact sales@koverse.com

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