The Fastest Path to Big Data Results.

Koverse has already done the work of integrating what is needed to deploy big data applications successfully in its demand-driven platform. This includes integrations with popular open-source components including Hadoop MapReduce, Accumulo, Kafka, Zookeeper, and Spark and works with all major Hadoop distributions. We have done this because our customers have told us their big data projects are not about implementing Hadoop but about solving business problems. So that is what we have done, provided the fastest path to business results.

There is no need to build a Data lake. We’ve done it for you.

The Data lake helps organizations create frictionless data integration and support efficient application development. It is a complement to the data warehouse, not a replacement.   But it is harder to build, than most people anticipate and it has stalled many big data project implementations.   Koverse has already done the job of building the Data lake on the Hadoop ecosystem. So data can be ingested, indexed, and analyzed, regardless of type or source with Koverse.

To learn more about Data lakes download our Whitepaper.


A Data lake is not enough, more is required

Production strength big data solutions require security, analytics, application development tools, governance structures and fine grain controls, all of which are built in to the Koverse Demand-Driven Platform. All the necessary capabilities are included in a single, unmatched solution, with Koverse.

Move from data-driven approaches to the demand-driven solution from Koverse

With Koverse, data applications can be created and results delivered without having to worry about the complexity of the technology.




Big Data Problem Solution Koverse Benefit
Security Complex Built-In Protected Access
Governance Add-on Day One Risk Management
Process Top-down Bottom-up Remarkable Flexibility