The reality is that implementing big data is tough.


The Koverse team of experts has designed, built and implemented some of the largest deployments on the planet. We have figured out what it takes to get results, and that knowledge is built into our product so that you benefit.

Customers using the Koverse Demand-Driven Platform have been able to:

  • Integrate large datasets: An enterprise customer integrated 40 disparate data sources with astonishing speed
  • Handle change uninterrupted: A global financial firm manages 16,000 access levels with ease
  • Operationalize analytic applications fast: A government agency supports 75 applications simultaneously

Koverse lets you bring in all your data, of any type, and enables you to discover the information it contains, run advanced analytics on day one, and build web applications on results quickly.

Integrate large datasets: An enterprise customer integrated 40 disparate data sources with astonishing speed.

Big Data Problem Solution Koverse Benefit
Reality Struggle Smooth Eliminates Complexity
Approach Data-Driven Demand-Driven Astonishing Speed
Results Slow Fast & Flexible Strategic Advantage


Move from data-driven approaches to the demand-driven solution from Koverse

It is time to stop the struggle that data-driven approaches require and experience the results that only the Demand-Driven Platform from Koverse enables. Only Koverse provides a demand-driven platform with the capabilities necessary to handle the “need-to-know now” situations organizations face.

Experience the benefits for yourself

The ROI is so strong that we offer a Proof of Value Program that will let you get started with Koverse and experience for yourself the results that you can achieve in just one month.   This program includes the development and deployment of analytical applications on your system, with your data. To learn more about how Koverse can help you get big data results, start by requesting an evaluation copy of the software now.

“Alternative approaches either don’t scale, aren’t secure, or are too inflexible to meet customer requirements. Koverse is a great solution for addressing these challenges.” Ian Andrews, Sr. Director at Pivotal Software Inc.