January 24, 2018

Koverse Release 2.4.0

By: ianbarker

We are happy to announce our release of Koverse v2.4.0

Improvements/Feature Requests:

  • Koverse is available in a Docker image (See our documentation for more information)
  • Spark SQL query window now has syntax highlighting
  • More flexible scheduling options for Koverse jobs
  • Koverse Spark Data Source
  • Dataset names can now be used in SQL transforms
  • Job History now provides access to logging of the spark or Hadoop job.
  • Better feedback in UI on job success/failure
  • Fields with all NULL values now display in stats/schema
  • Import schedules can optionally clear a data set before executing
  • Transforms can now be run on empty data set without errors.
  • Upstream sources can be added to an existing collection and multiple sources
  • Framework for unit tests Koverse Spark Transforms
  • When importing files, the user can optionally specify that only new files are imported each time the source is executed.
  • Docker image now supports container suspend and resume
  • Show the number of records imported
  • Data Flow now shows File Uploads as Upstream Source
  • Documentation Updates

Download the RPM’s here:



YUM Alias:


If you have any questions regarding this release or need assistance upgrading please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@koverse.com.