September 21, 2017

Koverse Release 2.3.8

By: ianbarker

We are happy to announce our release of Koverse v2.3.8.


  • Tableau Web Data Connector updated to WDC 2.2
  • Tableau Web Data Connector added the ability to download all the records without a sql query
  • Users can now toggle indexing on import preview page

Bug Fixes:

  • External authentication modules are now fixed
  • Resolved issue where changing the ‘admin’ password failed
  • Manual unblock functionality for sampling/stats/indexing/schema jobs in Job History
  • Slow Oracle Exports has been resolved
  • ‘Stop Job’ for Indexing job now works as intended
  • ‘Cancelled’ jobs can sometimes cause blocked job has been fixed
  • No stats shown for some columns has been fixed
  • Apply ‘Security Label’ within a transform capability is now working
  • Koverse log files will append and not overwrite when koverse is restarted

Download the RPM’s here:

YUM Alias:

If you have any questions regarding this release or need assistance upgrading please don’t hesitate to contact us at