June 9, 2017

Koverse Release 2.3.6

By: ianbarker

We are happy to announce our release of Koverse v2.3.6.


  • Skip Import Preview – We have added the ability to skip the import preview. You will no longer be required to wait for the import preview before selecting any normalizers you may want to apply, you now have the option of just selecting the ‘Next’ button to process to ingest without preview.

Bug Fixes:

  •  Blocking indexing jobs – specific cases where our Koverse would encounter blocking indexing jobs from transforms.
  •  CSV Download of Data Set – issue with data set fields containing newlines caused issues with record count as well as download of the CSV data set.
  •  Twitter Streaming Source – resolved exception when setting up Twitter Streaming Source.
  • Scheduled Transforms – scheduled transforms will now be kicked off.
  • Transform “in queue” – a very specific use case that allowed Transforms to get stuck in the “in queue” state. This may require a koverse-server restart if you encountered this issue.
  • Security Label Parser – now works for all sources and not just file upload.
  • Webapp caches tokens & groups – issue where webapp caches the authorizer’s tokens and groups forever.
  • Creating groups via REST API doesn’t respect authroizerTypeId – resolved this issue with REST API.
  • NPE with File Based Sources – NPE exception using PST parser in AbstractFileBaseSource.
  • Record Counts not updating without refresh – we had a few edge cases where the record count didn’t seem to update without refreshing/reloading the page.
  • Import/Transform Progress Indicator – resolved issue where the Data Set in progress indicator was not displaying properly in some situations.
  • Disable Overview values on Security label – resolved issue where Overview values were displaying data that should not be visible.
  • Connect Source missing on Data Flow – resolved issue where a connected source can sometimes be missing on the Data Flow tab.
  • Schedule change from schedule to manual fails to update – resolve this issue where changing a source from a schedule to manual failed to update.
  • Record Grid on Data tab – viewable space has been increased so that when viewing the ‘Data’ tab with a large amount of string will now display more then 1 row on the record grid.
  • DatabaseRecordWriter – fixed SDK to add satement.close(); for each record.
  • Updating a Data Set name that was a result of a Transform – resolved issue where when updating/renaming a data set name that was the result of a transform cause the UI to hang.
  • IPV6 address Overview/Stats – resolved issue where IPV6 addresses caused the overview & stats to not display.
  • Data within a sliding window – this feature has been removed for redesign.
Download the RPM’s here:



YUM Alias:


If you have any questions regarding this release or need assistance upgrading please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@koverse.com.