Clouds & Data Centers

Koverse is offered as a service on both public and private clouds – and for installation in private data centers.
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Enterprise Security

Koverse has security at every level, to match the most stringent enterprise business requirements.
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Collect, Analyze, & Act On Your Big Data Like Never Before


Ingest data in hours not weeks.

Collecting data from an increasing number of sources is hard. Traditionally organizations need to build or buy individual connectors and go through the lengthy process of normalization. Koverse Universal Ingest simplifies and speeds the process of collection. Universal Ingest can connect to any data source, private or public. Ingest is schema free, eliminating the need for ETL tools and processes.

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Subsecond access to all of your data.

The Koverse platform uses Adaptive Workflows to unify disparate data sets. Adaptive Workflows have considerable flexibility, allowing organizations to change processing approaches in response to changes in data or business need. Once changed reprocessing takes less than a day.

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Data made actionable.

Creating action from data requires speed and agility. It’s all about getting the right information to the right people when they need it. Interactive discovery in Koverse delivers sub-second results, using a combination of schema-less and schema-based queries. Fine grained access control ensure the right people see the right information.

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